The crew compliment onboard the Enterprise NX-01 is kept to a minimum due to space and storage limitations.
But like any exploratory vessel, the ship’s personnel would need to be self-contained and capable of executing
long-term operations outside the fleet’s normal support structure. To facilitate this, the vessel’s personnel needs
have been broken down into three divisions; Command, Science and Engineering. Those divisions have been
split into four distinct categories; Command, Mission Support, Vessel Support and Crew Support.

Officers and Enlisted Crewmen
A Starfleet Officer is someone that has completed a four year course work at Starfleet Academy. The Academy is a
facility maintained by United Earth, in conjunction with UESPA or United Earth Space Probe Agency, for the
training of its exploratory and diplomatic service personnel. Recruits are trained to serve in a number of posts
within the Starfleet organization. Undergraduates attending the facility are called midshipmen. Successful
graduates are commissioned as Starfleet officers with the rank of ensign.

Officers are used for leadership roles and maintaining key positions aboard ships, starbases, outposts or
embassies. Their duties include maintaining or monitoring scientific research projects, high level engineering
roles, diplomatic envoys and departmental command positions.

An enlisted crewperson is someone serving aboard a starship that did not complete the four-year Starfleet
Academy course work. Enlisted crewmen have directly signed up with Starfleet to fill an open post or serve on a
specific vessel. They receive basic training and may be required to complete additional courses for their position.

Crewpersons are used to supplement departments or to fill crew or vessel support positions. Their duties
include research assistants, aids, food preparation and engineering support.
The MACO Team
The Enterprise NX-01 also carries a contingent of MACO’s or a Military Assault Command Operations team.
MACO’s are part of United Earth military organization and not directly associated with Starfleet. Assigned to the
Enterprise during the Xindi Mission in 2153, the MACO Team became a standard part of the crew compliment in
2154 and is used to supplement the ship’s standard security. Even though they have their own independent
Commanding Officer and rank system, the MACO team reports directly to the Tactical Officer while serving
onboard the ship.
Crew Compliment
Here is a listing of the recommended crew compliment for a NX class vessel. Crew compliment will vary from
vessel to vessel due to crew rotation, mission specifics and crew availability.

1.         Captain
2.         Science Officer (First Officer)
3.         Chief Engineer
4.         Chief Medical Officer
5.         Tactical Officer

6.          Communications Officer
7.          Helm Officer
8.          Second Helmsman
9.          Third Helmsman
10.        Navigational Officer
11.        Captain’s Aid or Yeoman (Enlisted)

12.        Chief Astrophysicist
13.        Physical Cosmologist
14.        Chief Stellar Cartographer
15.        Second Cartographer
16.        Stellar Dynamic Theorist
17.        Research Assistant (Enlisted)
18.        Secondary Research Assistant (Enlisted)

19.        Chief Exobiologist
20.        Exobotanist
21.        Exomicrobiologist
22.        Exozoologist
23.        Research Assistant (Enlisted)
24.        Secondary Research Assistant (Enlisted)

25.        Chief Planetary Scientist
26.        Atmospheric Specialist
27.        Geologist
28.        Geophysicist
29.        Oceanographer
30.        Seismologist
31.        Research Assistant (Enlisted)
32.        Secondary Research Assistant (Enlisted)

33.        Chief Chemist
34.        Chief Physicist
35.        Particle Physicist
36.        Chief Quantum Physicist
37.        Second Quantum Physicist
38.        Subspace Theorist
39.        Research Assistant (Enlisted)
40.        Secondary Research Assistant (Enlisted)

41.        Chief Xeno Anthropologist
42.        Chief Xeno Archaeologist
43.        Research Assistant (Enlisted)
44.        Secondary Research Assistant (Enlisted)

45.        Second Engineer
46.        Third Engineer
47.        Fourth Engineer
48.        Warp Field Specialist
49.        Chief Warp Core Specialist
50.        Electrical Engineer
51.        Fluidic Engineer
52.        Systems Engineer
53.        Chief Computer Engineer
54.        Chief Programming Specialist (Enlisted)
55.        Chief Fabrication Engineer (Enlisted)
56.        Antimatter Specialist
57.        First Shift Engineer
58.        First Shift Engineer
59.        First Shift Engineer (Enlisted)
60.        First Shift Engineer (Enlisted)
61.        First Shift Engineer (Enlisted)
62.        Second Shift Engineer
63.        Second Shift Engineer
64.        Second Shift Engineer (Enlisted)
65.        Second Shift Engineer (Enlisted)
66.        Second Shift Engineer (Enlisted)
67.        Third Shift Engineer
68.        Third Shift Engineer
69.        Third Shift Engineer (Enlisted)
70.        Third Shift Engineer (Enlisted)
71.        Third Shift Engineer (Enlisted)
72.        Chief Launch Bay Attendant (Enlisted)

73.        Warhead Specialist
74.        Armory Officer
75.        Armory Officer
76.        Armory Officer (Enlisted)
77.        Armory Officer (Enlisted)
78.        Armory Officer (Enlisted)
79.        Armory Officer (Enlisted)

80.        MACO Commanding Officer
81.        MACO
82.        MACO
83.        MACO
84.        MACO
85.        MACO
86.        MACO
87.        MACO
88.        MACO
89.        MACO
90.        MACO
91.        MACO
92.        MACO
93.        MACO
94.        MACO

95.        Nurse (Enlisted)
96.        Chief Medical Assistant (Enlisted)
97.        Research Assistant (Enlisted)
98.        Secondary Research Assistant (Enlisted)

99.        Head Chef (Enlisted)
100.      Assistant Chef (Enlisted)
101.      Kitchen Assistant (Enlisted)
102.      Kitchen Assistant (Enlisted)
103.      Kitchen Assistant (Enlisted)

104.      First Shift Crewman (Enlisted)
105.      First Shift Crewman (Enlisted)
106.      First Shift Crewman (Enlisted)
107.      Second Shift Crewman (Enlisted)
108.      Second Shift Crewman (Enlisted)
109.      Second Shift Crewman (Enlisted)
110.      Third Shift Crewman (Enlisted)
111.      Third Shift Crewman (Enlisted)

112.      Quartermaster (Enlisted)
113.      Cargo Attendant (Enlisted)
114.      Cargo Attendant (Enlisted)
115.      Chief Hydroponics Officer (Enlisted)
116.      Secondary Hydroponics Officer (Enlisted)
117.      Barber (Enlisted)
118.      Chief Tailor (Enlisted)
119.      Laundry Attendant (Enlisted)
120.      Laundry Attendant (Enlisted)
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