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Welcome to The Enterprise Project.

The Enterprise Project is a compilation of schematics and plans for the Enterprise NX-01 and the S.S. Enterprise NX-01
Refit. Created by
Android Monkey Studio, the goal of the project was to create the most definitive and accurate reference
for everything related to the technical details of Earth’s first Warp 5 and eventually Warp 7 starship. The project includes a
deck by deck guide of both ship versions, a separate labeled blueprint for each deck, large detailed schematics for major
components and auxiliary craft, and technical pages for the engineering of the 22nd Century. Please scroll down to
choose which version of the ship you would like to view. Due to the effort to emulate the original computer interfaces of the
NX-01, the Enterprise Project website is best viewed on a PC or tablet.

If you have any questions about the work featured here, please visit the FAQ & Credits page for more information. If you
have suggestions or additional questions, feel free to communicate using the contact button.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

07/07/19: After many years of struggling, either from time or lack of information, the schematics for the NX-01 Refit are finally complete. To accommodate the Refit plans, I have revised the website to include both the original version and the upgrade. To view this new addition, please scroll down to choose which version of the NX-01 you would like to view. Thank you for your patience! And as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.

09/07/12: You may have noticed the layout of The Enterprise Project website has changed. I have gone through the site and done some spring cleaning, removing things that were not considered necessary and optimizing as much as I could for a faster download. I have also added a much needed “Credits” section to the FAQ page. This is a very important addition since it gives proper credit to the original designers and artists that I drew inspiration from to build this website and create the deck plans. It was something that I completely overlooked while designing the site and I want to humbly apologize to everyone for dropping the ball. I am actually quite embarrassed I made such a gigantic mistake. I have also added credits to ALL of the blue prints, schematics, and web pages. Proper credit should always be given where it is due. And if you notice I have missed someone, please let me know as soon as possible!

I am also sad to report that after some very hard deliberation I have chosen to abandon work on the Companion. After more than a year of struggling to find the time to work on the research, I have decided to face fact and admit I do not have the time to finish the project. To that end I have removed the pages from the website. But do not panic. I did not delete the original work. I have archived the pages for use at some possible later date. I chose to never say never.

05/21/12: I wanted to remind everyone to please read the FAQ page before sending a message to me. Many of the questions you are asking have already been answered on that page. I try to answer as many of the emails as I can but I just can’t get to them all. (And to all the RBG builders: unfortunately I can not give you permission to use my deck plans on your sites so please don’t ask.)

09/26/11: I wanted to wish Star Trek: Enterprise a very happy 10th Anniversary! Has it been that long? I can't believe it!

04/17/11: Today’s update is a sad one. It is for the last of the Enterprise deck plans and schematics. This new sheet is for the Side Cutaway and can be viewed under the Overview page.

Be sure to drop by the blog to discuss.

But this is not the end. I am already hard at work on the second season of the Companion so stay tuned.

04/11/11: Today’s update is for the Starfleet Uniforms worn by the crew of the NX-01. This schematic also includes the ranks! This sheet can be viewed under the Overview page.

Be sure to drop by the blog to discuss the new schematic! Everyone is welcome.

03/30/11: Starting today, this site officially has a page on Facebook! Fans can get updates and fresh content from here, the blog or right on their Facebook newsfeeds.

Interested? Hit the like button at the top of the page!

03/28/11: This update is for the Inspection Pod. The schematic can be viewed under the E Deck page.

Be sure to drop by the blog to discuss the new schematic! Everyone is welcome.

11/04/10: Well winter is almost upon us and I am finally posting the schematic I was most looking forward to creating, the EV Suits. Ever since Doug Drexler posted his sketches for the NX “Bottle Suit” on his blog I have been itching to take a crack at finishing off the design. And now, after more than a year a half, I am finally presenting it to you. The schematic also displays the standard EV Suit as well, another interesting design for the show. The schematic can be viewed under the E Deck page.

And next up on my list is the Uniforms and ranks. Then I will finish the Side Cutaway, which will be my last schematic for the Enterprise Project. Unfortunately I am getting very busy again so it may be a while before I complete this last two. But stay tuned for the grand finale. It will get here when it gets here.

10/14/10: And true to my word I have completed the new schematic for the NX-01’s Medical Equipment. Enjoy! And be sure to come on over to the blog and discuss the work featured here. It is always nice to hear a different point of view.

And next up on my list is the E/V suits so stay tuned.

10/03/10: After two months of real life getting in the way, I finally found some time to finally get back to the project. So to celebrate my locating a little freetime, I have added a new-fangled schematic for the Crew Equipment to the Overview Page. Baring anymore interruptions, I am starting on a lovely schematic of the Dr. Phlox’s medical equipment post haste. Stay tuned.

06/28/10: I have added a new schematic for the MACO Weapons to page for F Deck! And remember, be sure to stop on over to my blog and let me know what you think. Don't just visit... participate! I would love to hear from you.

06/15/10: I have added a new schematic of the weapons Starleet uses to the page for F Deck. Stop on over to my blog and let me know what you think! And there is more on the way so stay-tuned.

05/31/10: After more than two years of work, new research, planning and drawing, the Enterprise Deck Plan Project is finally nearing completion. And with that, I am pleased to unveil the final versions of the deck plans, detail plans and schematics. With the exception of the Cutaway Schematic, all the previous versions have been deleted from the website and the final versions have been uploaded in their place. Web versions, including newly updated pop-up labels, are available under the deck pages. The printable versions are under the Download page as before.

Along with the new deck plans, I have also made some subtle changes to the website to correct a few mistakes. The graphics are now as accurate to the show as I can make them!

I am working on a few more schematics to complete the project so please visit again soon. And once I have the deck plans completed, I intend to start work on the Episode Companion once again so stay-tuned for more updates in the future.

Please feel free to discuss the new plans on the blog!

02/27/10: I come to you today with my latest entry, a revamped version of Deck A. I have completely redone the bridge detail schematic. Unlike the previous version, this schematic includes Deck A in its entirety and displays new more accurate consoles and new detailing. Check it out! And be sure to let me know what you think on my blog.

02/13/10: I would like to apologize to everyone who may have been trying to use the contact page to communicate. For some reason, in the last year, the email address attached to that page was lost so your messages have been going nowhere. I am not sure when the error occurred so if I didn't respond to something in the last year that was probably why. Again so sorry! Send them again if you remember what it was you sent. (Just be sure to give me a couple of days to respond.)

02/11/10: Hello world! I am back and some of you may have noticed some changes to the site. Waxing Moon Designs is no more. I have changed my business name and removed all the superfluous pages from this website. This domain and site are now 100% The Enterprise Project!

If you would like to check out my new business website, Android Monkey Designs, be sure to click on the new link to the right. (Please respect that this is a business. I would appreciate it if people would not call unless you want to hire me for something. If you have a question about the project, use the contact page!)

And after almost a year languishing on my computer’s hard drive, I finally have some time to begin tinkering again on the deck plans and the companion. I started working on the second season of the Companion today. I am very excited.

03/08/09: Finally! I have completed my first “upgrade” to the deck plans. I don’t think a lot of people know that this project was started as a lark. We were chatting about schematics on one of the message boards I frequent and I started tinkering with a few things just to see what would happen. I had no idea that it would grow into this. To be honest, the full deck plans are crude and really nothing more than “digital sketches”. It also really pains me to think that people are looking at these drawings and thinking that this is my best work when it isn’t.

One of the main problems with the project, at least for me, has been the resolution that I initially chose to do it in. I selected a miniscule 72 dpi since it was small, easy to move around and simple to manipulate. But at that resolution, the drawings show a lot of edge chatter and I was never able to fully detail them like I wanted. But now, three years later, I have decided to upgrade the resolution to something more in keeping to what I would normally do. I also get the chance to correct a few errors that I had made with the first renderings.

With that I would like to introduce the first full 300 dpi resolution schematic to the collection; the escape pod. This new improved version is pristine and as clear as a bell. The detail is also quiet dense and nicely shows off the changes I decided to make. This version is also more accurate to the original shown in the episode “In a Mirror Darkly”. (I would like to thank Doug Drexler for giving us a peek at his original CGI model. The shapes and details for this schematic would never have been possible to get right otherwise!) However, I did keep my location change but I have made sure my version resembles its forbearer as much as possible. The only real change I made to it was to clip off nose so that it fit into the hull.

Please note, that the upgraded plans posted to the site have been reduced back to the standard 72dpi due to most computer monitor resolutions. But the crisp lines, curves and much of the detail is still right there for you to enjoy. I am thrilled with it and can’t wait to upgrade the rest. I am also going to try and get back to the Companion soon as well!

And be sure to click on the new Blog link to see what's going on or to leave a comment. I want to hear from you! There is more to come so stay tuned!

02/08/09:It's a New Year and I am back on the project. After spending the last six months swamped with a new job and moving to a new city, I am finally getting back to things here so stay tuned!

10/03/08:Due to the massive amount of spambots that keep registering at the message board, I have disabled it. In the last week, more than two hundred have popped up with sixty-five from yesterday. The board, my email and myself are a little overwhelmed right now so we are closing early. Sorry folks.

06/04/08: Update: Impulse Rockets – The latest update is a schematic of the port fairing impulse rocket. The plan includes the fusion reactors, third stage plasma accelerator, monitoring station and the access corridor.

This detail plan is available for viewing under the page for E Deck. Feel free to discuss it in the gallery section of the message board.

05/20/08: Update: Mid and Lower Computer Core – This week’s update is a schematic of the mid and lower levels of the computer core located on C and D decks. Both of these are huge schematics and like the one for the upper core, displays a large part of each deck. Of course both are available for viewing under the page their respective Deck Pages. Enjoy!

And again I am still interested in hearing suggestions about the technical pages. (And if you don’t know what I mean when I say “Technical Pages” just check out the information I did for the Transporter and Warp Systems. Send a note through the contact page or make a suggestion in the forum. I want to know what you think!

05/02/08: Update: Upper Computer Core – This week’s update is a schematic of the upper computer core located on B Deck. This is another huge schematic and shows a large part of B Deck. It is available for viewing under the page for B Deck. Enjoy!

And I am still interested in hearing suggestions about the technical pages. Send a note through the contact page or make a suggestion in the forum. I want to know what you think!

04/26/08: Update: Science Labs – The latest schematic is a detail plan of the Stellar Cartography Labs on B Deck. I wanted to give an example of the research laboratories and I thought this one would be the most important and interesting. Since the NX-01 is primarily a vessel of exploration, accurately mapping the space they are exploring would be paramount to navigation, not only for themselves but to future vessels. Basically that is my elaborate excuse for wanting to draw out one of my favorite parts on one of my favorite decks.

The plan can be found under the page for B Deck of course. Feel free to discuss it in the forum.

I have a lot more to come (that is if I can find the proper information to finish them) so stay tuned.

04/11/08: We have another week and we have another update... It’s funny. Each week I try and put a new spin on how I announce them and it is getting harder and harder to come up with something new. So from here on out, I am just going to say “Update: Blah Blah Blah”.

Update: Deck F Aft Compartments. (See how easy that was!) This is a schematic I have been looking forward to doing for quite some time now. It includes the Brig, Antimatter Storage and the Launch Bay Control Deck, which is a lot of stuff for one detail plan. But the reason I was looking forward to this one is because I finally have the opportunity to work outside the show’s sets. Instead of spending hours going over every detail of the shooting sets, I actually get to make it all up from scratch… well except the brig of course. I finally have artistic license to create spaces that fit within the ship but have a logical voice all its own. It has been very liberating.

The new schematic can be found under the page for Deck F. And be sure to take a moment to discuss the plan in the forum.

I also want to now open the floor for technical page requests. I asked a month ago for people to make requests for what detail schematics they wanted to see. Now I want to know what technical pages you are interested in. (And by tech pages, I mean the ones explaining how something works, like I did with the warp engines and the transporters.) I have opened a topic about it in the Gallery Forum at the message board so pop on over and make a request. And I am still taking requests for detail plans as well.

More later!

04/05/08: Today’s update is… the conference rooms on E Deck. The schematic is available for viewing under the page for E deck. And feel free to discuss them (if there is anything to discuss) in the forums.

More later… I am working on something now you kids are going to love.

04/03/08: This really isn’t an update, I guess, but rather a few “upgrades” to some of the preexisting plans. Since I have spent more than a year working on the detail plans, in that time I have made subtle changes to how I composite all of the various parts and pieces together. One of the most noticeable changes is the amount of shading on the floors and the floor textures themselves. I have also managed to build up a sizeable amount of detail parts too. So to make everything more consistent, I have spent all my free time over the last two days reworking the detail schematics for Sickbay, Engineering, the Launch Bays and the Transporter. Now, all the floors are the same and the detail parts are smoother and more complex. Everything matches now! (I have also replaced the printable versions as well.)

And with these upgrades, I also had a chance to fix some things that have been bugging me and to correct a few mistakes. One of the major fixes I made was to the curve of the inner corridor, which is featured prominently in the detail schematic for Sickbay. It was never truly round because I had tried to match the configuration of the stage sets. To fix it, I have inserted an additional module to the main junctions to even things out. I have also reworked the details for the weapons/equipment locker just outside of Sickbay so that it actual serves a purpose rather than just being a collection of nondescript shelves. And the detail plans for Main Engineering have received a major facelift. Since it was the first detailed schematic I did, there were some nasty problems with how things lined up and the textures. The detail parts were also rather rough. This one has always been a favorite of mine so I am glad she is now just as pretty and sophisticated as the rest of her sisters.

I have more new stuff on the way so stay tuned…

03/31/08: I have posted another update to The Enterprise Project. This one contains schematics for the remaining command crew quarters. They are available for viewing under the NX-01 Overview Page. Be sure to stop by and discuss them in the new forum!

03/21/08: Happy Easter everyone! I have posted this week’s update today and I think some of you will be pleasantly surprised… especially a certain Irish named friend of mine. (I did a certain one with as much care as I could, just for you.) I have completed schematics for Archer, Trip and T’Pol’s quarters! They are available for viewing under the NX-01 Overview Page. I know it is a little odd for them to be there but I have completely run out of room under the E Deck page so the bloody things had to go somewhere.

Anyway, I have a feeling some of you will be very annoyed with what I had to do to get the quarters to work. The sets used on the show didn’t match the outer windows so I had to completely toss the bathroom arrangement to get it to fit correctly. Feel free to ream me out over at the discussion board… hint hint. I am beginning to think I am going to have to start offering something for free to get people to join the message board… wait… I already do! LOL! But again, I would love to hear from everyone so please feel free to join me for a little discussion.

There will be more next week so stay tuned!

03/14/08: I am back with an update and it is a BIG one, monumental actually… or it least it is for me. For about a year, I have been toying with this idea and I have finally done it!

I have opened up a message board to go along with The Enterprise Project!

Can you tell I am really excited? To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take on the added responsibility or work required to maintain it. I also didn’t know if anyone would be interested in yet another board about Enterprise. But I finally decided it was time. So I would like to invite everyone to come over and take a look around. I would love to hear what you think of the deck plans, the show, the books and anything else that might be on your mind. Just click on the new Discussion button!

But wait, there’s more. I also have an update to the deck plans. This week I have posted a schematic of the Mess Hall and one for the Galley. Both can be found under the page for E Deck.

I am also still taking requests for the next leg of the Deck Plan side of the project. To make a request, I have started a thread about it on the message board under the Main Gallery.

I have more on the way so stay tuned!

03/01/08: Hi everyone. I have another update. This week I have completed a lovely schematic of the Armory. Malcolm would be pleased, I’m sure. Everyone has been asking about this one for almost a year now so I know people are going to be excited that it is finally done. I have also added a new page listing the vessel’s specifications. Next on my list: the Mess Hall and Galley. Then I am going to tackle each character's quarters. I also have Enterprise Wallpapers on the way as well. Hopefully I will have them completed by the end of next week.

And I would also like to invite everyone to make requests on the next set of detail schematics I do! Is there a part of the ship that you would love to see? Is there an area on the deck plans you want to view in better detail? Then hit the contact button and let me know. I want to hear from you!

02/22/08: Well I am back with yet another update! I have been busy clearing out all the projects I had sitting unfinished on my hard drive. Since many were close to completion, updates are coming a little faster than you might normally expect from me.

And today’s update is… the transporter systems. I have written up a technical page and created a detailed schematic for that section of the ship. Both can be found within the Deck Plan section under the page for D Deck.

Next on the list is the Armory! I know quite a few of you are eager for that one so I have moved it up to accommodate. I am also still putting together the desktop wallpapers for Enterprise as well.

Please be sure to let me know what you think of everything so far. I love hearing from you!

02/16/08: I have just added a new section for Star Trek Desktop Wallpapers! I have created twenty designs for everyone to choose from with more on the way. Right now, I have a selection for the new movie and "The Original Series". Of course, I am working on designs for Enterprise but it is taking some time to gather everything together so stay tuned.

02/15/08: We have a new update! I have added two new pages and a cutaway schematic of the Warp Five Engine aboard the NX-01. You can find them in the Deck Plan Section under the page for D Deck! And I have more to come so stay tuned.

12/03/07: I am very please to announce that the amazing Trek site Ex Astris Scientia has awarded this website its EAE Award for the month of December 2007! I have to say it is a great honor to be recognized by this excellent and informative site. And I would also like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the Enterprise fans that have kept this site and my interest going. This place would not be what it is without all the kind words of encouragement. Thank you.

07/18/07: Welcome to the new improved Enterprise Project. We still have the Deck Plans of course but I have now expanded to include The Enterprise Episode Companion. The first season is now online so check it out!


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